33 & 45 rpm Records to CD
 Back in the day, music was recorded on vinyl records: singles on 45 rpm and long play on 33 rpm.  I remember
playing records on my portable record player.  It was sitting on a desk  in my room next to my crystal radio kit which
I bought for $3.00.
 Today with Cd's, MP3's, cell phones with MP3 players, vinyl records are relegated to the storage closet.  Most
folks do not have a turntable to play them on.  Good turntables are like Home film projectors(and soon VCR's) hard
to find and you will not find one at any store.   
 Got a favorite record and cant find a CD of it?  Miss the hiss of a record needle on the surface of the record?  

Well we can help you!  

Let us transfer your favorite records to a CD.

1 Long Play record (both sides) from 33's ---------- transfer to CD - - - - $25.00
10 songs (5 records, both sides) from 45's---------- transfer to CD - - - - $25.00

This is a straight transfer.   No editing.  Quality of record will be the quality of the CD.  
We reserve the right to cancel transfer if the record is damaged.  

Copyrights apply to these records.  You must be the owner of the record and the copy for private use only.

Call 580-298-3685 or 580-298-7054 for more information and to schedule your transfer.  Thank you!