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Remember your Dad or Grandpa toting a "Movie Camera"?
He would film anything that caught his eye--birthday parties,
Christmas, first rides on a horse. After the film was
exposed, the reel was carefully packed up and taken to the
Drug Store where it was sent off to the "Lab".  Two to three
weeks later the film was in and everyone gathered up in the
living room and watched the marvel of technology on a
white bed sheet tacked to the wall.  Everyone watched
intently as little Tommy was set in the saddle for the first
time.  Only the ooos and aws added to the sound of the
projector motor noise. Until the "Lamp" burned out.  So
much for the home movies.  The film and projector were put
in the closet and forgotten.
Those old 3" reels are still in the top of the closet tucked
away neatly in an old shoe box.  You might not have even
thought of them in years.  They are not just old films but
priceless family treasures. Chronicling the life and times of
your family.  
Don't let them go to waste!  Transferring to DVD electronic
media is the only way to prevent time from destroying your
family history.
Many of the films that I get to transfer have the first 3 or
four feet already deteriorated to the point that they are
brittle and have to be removed before they can be
Home Movie Projectors have already experienced what
VCR's are about to--a slow and silent passing away of the
technology.  Finding a working projector is difficult, to say
the least.  
Don't waste your recorded family history!  Let us transfer
your old films for you.

Remember the clock is ticking on these family treasures!  

Transfer fee = $.20 per foot*   (This step converts the film into a digital format)

Plan a:  DVD burning -- No edits, no music. Maximum 2 hours--$25.00 per DVD.    

Plan b:  DVD burning -- Fully edited, Titling, Scene Markers for each reel. $65 per hour of finished project, Maximum 2 hours
                          per DVD.

Music added:  $3.00 per song. Customer provides music.     

Additional copies of the DVD   $15.00 each
All DVDs come with Custom Packaging designed for you.  Customer will provide several photos for the covers and DVD face.  

*Transfer examples
Reel size                                                Apx. Min
3"   =   50'  @$.20 per foot =  $10.00     3.5
4"   = 100'  @$.20 per foot =  $20.00     7.0
7"   = 400'  @$.20 per foot =  $80.00    28.0

All film will be returned to you in a vacuum sealed poly bag to help prevent further damage.

Remember this is a true "WYSIWYG" (Whiz-e-wig) What you see is what you get.  I will attempt to make your DVD the best
that I can.  Out of focus, shaky, off-color or scratched film will be that way on your DVD.  

Sample Job:
2 - 7" reels of film  = $160.00 (84 min) transfer
Edit and add markers = 1.4 hours @$65/hr = $91.00
Add 30 songs (2.5 -3 min /song) = $90.00

                     Total = $341.00 + tax and shipping

Preserving family memories for the future ---

Can Not Copy "Copyrighted " Video

CVP reserves the right to reject any Film
because of pornographic, obscene,or lewd content!