I started taking photos when I was 12 years old.  By 14, I was developing my own black and whites. Thus began a life-long love of
photography and the technical art of making quality photos.  I have used just about every type of camera available to modern man.
Digital, however,  gives me the versatility to carry my art and technical skills beyond the confinements of 36 shots to a roll.
I have photographed pagodas in Japan,
the jungles of Vietnam, Whitetail deer,  beautiful young women and handsome young men
starting their lives together.
When my daughter got married twenty years ago, a friend said he did video work and would video her wedding.  The aftermath was, I
decided I could do better.  So began the video business, from analog video and editing machines (that litter my store rooms) to Sony
digital video cameras, wireless mics, and 1.5 T-bytes computers.  My wife, Sandra, got into the camera work and we have videoed all
over Oklahoma and Texas--not only weddings, but Ag videos for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture-Forestry Services.
Picture Frames
Wood Working is among the many things I like to do.  So it was natural for me to start building picture frames for the Photo Art we sell.  I
am not one of those people who thinks the frame should be more captivating and colorful than the photo it holds.  Hey, face it, the frame
is a holder for the picture and the center of attention is the "Picture".   I like wood and it's texture, so the frames I build are real wood.  Not
plastic, or  some department store's attempt to recreate the effects of 80 years of sun and rain on a pine board. Thus,  the framing and
matting business.
I have always been a story teller (I think it's my genetics, knowing my mother's family).  I enjoy hunting and was in the woods observing
nature when I started to notice how post oak leaves fall to the ground.  Some twirling, twisting, some fluttering and then I saw one flying
around like a paper airplane. Thus was born the idea for
The Second Flight of Billy , a children's book.  Late one night I was telling my
grand-children a wild made-up-on-the-spot bedtime story.  The next morning my daughter said, "You need to write those stories down
The Amazing Tales of Dangerous Dan and Spot  became a book.  Since then, The Adventures of John Bass  is in print. John
Bass-Back to the Creek
, The Mystery of Bandits Cave and Wildhorse Mountain will soon follow.

OUR GOALS:   1.  To give you the very best product at a fair and reasonable price.
2.  To document your memorable times.
3.  To capture images and turn them into works of art.
4.  To continue learning.
5.  Support the American way of life and our troops  (I am a veteran).
6.  Go to Heaven.
                                    Jack and Sandra Curtis
Curtis Video