Video to DVD Services

1.  S-VHS, VHS, 8mm, Super 8mm, Digital 8, Digital DV tapes to DVD.

2.  Direct transfer, no editing.

3.  For 8mm, Super 8, and DV tapes: 1 tape = 1 DVD
(tapes will not be combined onto 1 DVD *see below).      

4.  Each finished DVD can be up to 2 hours in length.

5.  For VHS:  Length of tape will determine number of DVDs for transfer.
example:  A 4-Hour tape will equal 2 finished DVDs, etc.

6.  $25.00 straight transfer to 1 DVD,
 $7.50 DVD Authoring fee for labeled DVD face, in
slim case. Please provide titles, dates, etc.
Shipping charges will be added if necessary.

Old, well-used VHS tapes sometimes will hang up in the VCR and become damaged.
Curtis Video Photo cannot be held responsible for any mishaps with your tapes.  We will
endeavor to make sure that this doesn't happen by using high-quality equipment and careful
handling of your tapes.  Some 8mm, Super 8 may require the original camera source for the
transfer.  We will attempt to use our own equipment first.  

*Contact CVP for special permission to record more than one tape to DVD.
There will be an extra charge for combining shorter (less than 30-min.) tapes onto 1 DVD.

Contact CVP for special pricing for editing, titling, adding music, etc.

Can Not Copy "Copyrighted " Video

CVP reserves the right to reject any video tapes
because of pornographic, obscene,or lewd content!
Questions?  Need more information?
Call us to discuss your video transfer
needs:  580-298-3685

email us at:
Let us transfer your tapes to DVDs.  
Video tapes -- VHS, 8mm, or other tapes have a shelf life of 20 + years, depending
on storage temperature and quality of the tape--thickness of the mylar and the
ferrite coatings.  15 year-old video on Professional Quality tapes, no problem. On
$2 economy tapes ???

Loss occurs when the ferrite coatings lose their effectiveness.  It starts out by a
noticeable loss of color and quality of the video.  Seen any old photos of your great
grand parents?
(Go to Photo repairs on this web site) They can be torn, scratched, with yellow
stains. When they were new they looked perfect.  Don't let this happen to your
priceless family video tapes.

VHS players are already dinosaurs.  Got any vinyl music records?  Got a record
player to play them?  How about a reel of home movies --got a projector that
actually works? The same thing will happen to the VHS players.  I would say that in
twenty years you will buy a VCR from a speciality vendor dealing in old refurbished
electronic equipment. That's where I get my home movie projectors.

Remember your grand-daughters third birthday?  Some day, without conversion,
those birthday memories will be just that--Memories!  Don't let that happen.  Get
the video off of tape and onto digital media.

The hardest part of this process is taking the time to gather up your tapes and
getting them to us for conversion.  You will be glad you did!

Jack Curtis