Bigfoot Valley NE of Antlers, Oklahoma
Believe what you will!  Real? Not Real?  It is up to you to decide.
There have been numerous encounters in this area with Bigfoot.  The rugged Kiamichi Mountains
hold many different creatures: bear, mountain lions, wild hogs, elk, deer--we have it all!  I have
personally talked to people -real people not "NUTS"- that have told me of encounters with creatures
that walk upright and moving silently through the forest.  As an observer and photographer of
wildlife, I have never seen anything that I could not explain (including a Coati Mundi that is not
supposed to be in Oklahoma).  I saw one south of Antlers.  Have I mentioned that a I have a
Masters Degree in forestry and wildlife management?  Having seen Coati in southwest Texas, I
knew what I had seen.  I told the local game ranger and he said that I was not the first to see
Coatis. However, when I told others what I had seen, I was called a "NUT".  So I know how Bigfoot
sighters feel.
One of the men, let's say his name is Ron, told me about an encounter 2 years ago with a creature
while muzzleloader deer hunting about 6 miles north of Antlers.  Ron had made his way to his stand
before daylight and was settled in for the hunt.  His stand was on the west side of a ridge, which
meant that the sunlight was always slow to light the area.  He had hunted there many times and
seen lots of  deer and other wildlife.  This year he had not seen anything in the three or so days he
had hunted that stand.  Ron also told me he had a game camera out and had not gotten any
pictures of deer that year.
Just before he could see clearly, he heard something coming uphill toward him. The Kiamichi River
is in the valley west of his stand and fog on clear, cold mornings is normal. Ron could hear rocks
being moved and the occasional rustle of leaves but he could see nothing.   Ron said that he
spotted movement and expected to see a deer making its way toward him.  To his surprise, he
could see long reddish-brown hair and immediately thought he was going to get to see his first
bear.  As it made its way uphill, the fog lifted and Ron got a clear look at an upright walking
creature he estimated to be greater than 6-foot tall.
The creature looked at him and froze--staring intently.  Ron said he almost panicked, but reacted
by shouting at the creature.  It promptly ran away, ending the encounter.  When Ron told me about
his experience he prefaced his story with "I am going to tell you something that you are not going to
believe. But you have to promise not to laugh."  My reply was, "I won't laugh as long as it is not
about Bigfoot!"  After my statement he was not going to tell me his story.  With some prompting he
finally relented and told me the above.  After he finished I stood there a little stunned then broke
into a laugh asking him if Jim Beam had been his breakfast that morning.  As he walked away from
me I heard him say, "I knew you would laugh."
My personal opinion is that if Bigfoot existed for the last two hundred years, wouldn't he have been
shot, captured, run over by a vehicle (remember Harry) or found as a very large skeleton?  None of
which has happened.  No real creature (my emphasis on
real) can elude a camera forever or--- did
it--- when I took pictures of the full moon above?
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